Shadows of Steel

We are pleased to announce the return of Shadows of Steel.
The band’s new work will be titled “Twilight II” and will be a sequel, both in content and packaging, to their smash hit “Twilight” released in 1998.
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Spane at Dead Tree Sudios in Genoa.
The album, in double CD digipack format, will be available starting February 21st.
The first single and lyric video “Power of Dreams” will be released in the next few days.
CD 1:
1. Call of Shadows
2. Broken Mirror
3. Shine
4. Power of Dreams
CD 2:
1. Angel Witch (Angel Witch cover)
2. The Beauty and The Beast (Stormwitch cover)
3. Dark Nights (Heavy Load cover)
4. Shadow Thief (Jag Panzer cover)
Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld)
Federica “Sister” De Boni (White Skull)
Ross Lukather (Death SS, Shining Fury)
Andrè La Fisìc (ex Shadows of Steel)
Steve Bone (Bad Bones)
Arkadiusz E. Ruth (Pathfinder)
Roby Joe (Marmotte D’Acciaio, Metal Detector)
Francesco Molinelli (Geminy)

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