Dark Horizon – New Album

Underground Symphony is proud to announce that Dark Horizon have started to record their 5th album, under Daniele Mandelli’s supervision (Forgotten Tomb, Tragodia, Adramelch, Ghot City).

It’s entitled “Aenigma” and it represents the natural evolution of “Angel Secret Masquerade” and “Dark Light Shades”, a concentrate of melodic and symphonic power metal, characterized by elegant progressive passages and stylish melodies. “Sea Sirens Voices”, “Another Lie”, “Ace Of Hearts”, “Time Is A Healer”, “Never Again (Paris, November 13th), are just few titles of the songs composing the full length, that will be available before the summer 2016.

The full-length will be anticipated by “MetalheaD”, EP pressed in a limited edition 300 copies handly numbered, available from March 15th  on www.usstore.it. The new relaease will contain the unreleased track “I Wanna Be A Metalhead ” , “Sea Sirens Voices (Hollywood Edition)” taken from “Aenigma” and the covers “Lucifer’s Hammer” (Warlord) and “Free” (Heavy Load).

Find Here “MetalheaD”’s cover artwork, made by Jahn Vision Art.


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