Sliding Doors – New Deal

Underground Symphony is pleased to announce the imminent release of “In The Darkness”, the debut EP by Sliding Doors, an Italian band led by singer Demetra (Carmen Costantino) and guitarist Chris Russo.
The band’s sound has different influences, but always rooted in rock and metal music.
Conceptually, “In The Darkness” is very layered and deep. The songs on the EP deal with the constant dichotomy between good and evil, the eternal conflict between darkness and light, and the tumultuous nature of the human soul itself, navigating between the sacred and the profane in a mystical way, at the same time powerful and captivating. Between Demetra’s bewitching voice and Chris’s intricate guitar arrangements, the songs manage to demonstrate a very broad creative breadth, although always remaining in the metal field.
The EP features some famous guests, such as Billy Sheehan, who played bass on four songs, John Mac Macaluso, Fabio Alessandrini and Attila Telek.
The EP was mastered by Scott Bush at Timeline Studio in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Cover and artwork were created by Jahn Vision Art.
“In The Darkness” will be available in an elegant digipack CD edition and on all major digital platforms starting from May 24th.

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