Underground Symphony is pleased to announce that they have signed a deal with DreamGate for the release of their eponymous debut album. The band, founded by keyboardist Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon, Sangreal) and drummer Gianluca Capelli (former Dark Horizon, Arda), is completed by guitarist Armando De Angelis (Mindfar), bassist Micael Branno (Ghost City), and Fabio Brunetti (former Edran) on vocals. DreamGate offers a metal rich in influences, ranging from power to symphonic and stands out for its memorable melodies and lavish orchestral arrangements.
The lyrics draw inspiration from historical events to literature, from video games to movies. The album, mixed and mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Elfo Studio, will be preceded by the first single “Sun King,” set for release on Aprile 4th.
The album is a must-listen for all fans of great bands like Stratovarius, Twilight Force, and Rhapsody of Fire. Below is the cover and tracklist of “DreamGate,” available starting June 4th in a prestigious digipak edition and on all major streaming platforms.
Check out the cover Artwork realized by Romulo Dias (RDD Artwork) and the tracklist.
1 – Sun King
2 – The Scout of the Empire
3 – Life is One
4 – No Sweat No Glory
5 – The Lost Symbol
6 – Dreamgate
7 – The All (The Magic of The Silver Dew)
8 – Ball & Chain
9 – The Garden of Tears
10 – Cecil
11 – Belmonts’ Faith

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