Great Master – New Deal

Underground Symphony is pleased to present the sixth official album of Great Master, a year and a half after “Thy Harbor Inn” the Italian epic-power metal combo detaches itself from the themes related to piracy, to embrace one of the most important stories of 19th century European literature: The Count of Montecristo.
In the great novel (1844-1846) by Alexandre Dumas, adventure, philosophy, warning about evil and revenge are mixed in a kaleidoscope of characters and events that traces the historical context of mid-19th century Europe.

“Montecristo” is an album with the typical Great Master sound, with powerful riffs supported by orchestrations and epic symphonic choirs, a powerful rhythmic base all flowered by keyboard parts that accompany an always melodic lead vocal that shows off all its theatricality in every register.

Jahn Carlini comments:

“Montecristo is a very mature album with which the band wanted to raise the bar and take it one step higher than Skull And Bones. A powerful, symphonic, choral and epic album where every single detail has been worked on in order not to fall into the banal and best describe Dumas’ work. There was a lot of work, especially for the choral parts which required several days of work behind the microphone. We are very satisfied with the result obtained and we are sure that those who follow us will really like Montecristo”.

Giorgio Peccenini comments:

“I am very happy with the result obtained on this album where we were able to go a little further with some new compositional aspects. It was a pleasure to be able to make an even more concrete contribution in the compositional part for the realization of this work”.

Montecristo will be released via Underground Symphony on September 21, 2023.

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