Driftin’Line – New Deal

Underground Symphony is proud to announce the deal with Driftin’Line for the forthcoming release of the debut album ““Born as Slaves – We die free”.
DRIFTIN’LINE were born in 2016 from the ashes of the band “Secret Inside”, after the meeting of the singer Guido Macaione (CrimsonWind) with the keyboardist and composer Valerio Città during a live show in which both had taken part. Despite a series of line up changes, Valerio’s inventiveness and Guido’s will, with the contribution of the various musicians who played in the group, led the band to work from 2016 to 2019 on the production of a concept album with strong influences in progressive metal-progressive rock. In 2020 the recordings of the first album are completed and in 2021 the band officially enters the roster of Underground Symphony Records.
“Born as Slaves – We die free”, the band’s eldest son, is an album that combines the virtuosity of the progressive with well-blended and never banal vocal patterns. The album, a concept of 12 tracks, deals with a not simple and unfortunately very current theme: war. The events involve two main characters, Krag (G. Macaione) and Liberty (F. Polizzano), and a Narrator (V. Città) who accompanies the listener in the desperate search for salvation of the two protagonists, until an unexpected ending. that knows how to surprise. A varied album, a well designed and written progressive metal opera, intense and moving, a three-part journey through the truest dual nature of the human being.
Available soon in CD-digipack and in the main digital stores.
Guido Macaione (vocals as Krag)
Valerio Città (keyboards and vocals as Narrator)
Angelo Capuana (guitars)
Enrico Macaione (guitars)
Walter Mogavero (guitars and ingeneering)
Vincenzo Cammarata (bass and fretless bass)
Giacomo Cannici (drums)
Francesca Polizzano (guest vocals as Liberty)

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