The band started its journey in 2008 with the founder members Marika Vanni (vocals) and Alberto Cassina (guitar). After some months Alessio Sessa (bass) and Mario Dama (guitar) joined the team while in 2009 it’s time for Davide Massironi (drums) to be part of Eternal Silence.

With this line up the band started its live activity in Italy as cover metal band, playing songs from Epica, Nightwish, Within Tempation and After Forever but from the very beginning the band planned to compose some own stuff.

In 2011, after two years of work without any stops from live stages, Eternal Silence recorded their very first promo CD with 4 songs, helped by the new member Matteo Rostirolla (keyboards).

The EP called “Darkness and Regret” obtained very positive results from audience and webzines since its release in 2012.

After that the band decided to go on writing new songs until 2013 when they entered the studio to record their very first full lenght album called “Raw Poetry”.
This album immediately brought the band to a record deal with the label Underground Symphony.

Now Eternal Silence are working on the next live activity to promote the first album “Raw Poetry” as well.

eternalsilence_preChasing Chimera

heavyloadTales of the Northern Swords

Raw Poetry



Marika Vanni: Vocals
Alberto Cassina: Guitar and Vocals
Davide Rigamonti: Guitar
Alessio Sessa: Bass
Davide Massironi: Drums




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