The project Skylark started in 1994 as an underground/cult metal band. Year after year, despite the skepticism of the most important media and record companies, the band continues to acquire an increasing number of fans all over the world.

Skylark has sold around 200,000 copies, played hundreds of headliner gigs and festivals, and supported major acts like Royal Hunt, Running Wild, Virgin Steel, Edguy and platinum stars like Nightwish and Dream Theater.

Its best selling, “The Last Gate” (2007), hit position number 3 in the Japanese HMV rock/pop charts (7th overall!), and the following DVD “The Live Gate” stayed more than one month in the top 50 ofthe same chart reaching peak position number 4.

In the same country, the band has also played 5 live tours during the last 8 years, playing as the main act in famous venues like club Quattro (Osaka,Tokyo), the outstanding Club Città (Kawasaki), plus sold out gigs at Shinjuku Loft and Shibuya Cyclone (Tokyo).

Skylark still holds the record as the number 1 Italian rock band in the number of people who attended their gigs in the Far East area (Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea), while their Chinese tour of 2008 is still the longest one ever played by a western rock band.

No other underground band can show such a kind of achievement.

More than 17 years has passed but Skylark is still here for you! The music industry has changed, the conception of rock/metal itself is changing its shape and meaning but Skylark is about to come back with the same spirit of 1994; simple and genuine music, from the root of rock to the power of classic metal.

A brand new record called “Twilights of Sand”, entirely recorded at The Saltmine Studio in Arizona(USA) will be published at the beginning of next year. This record will feature a renovated line-up.

Together with Eddy and Brodo with their terrific songwriting we will find historic drummer Federico Ria and guitar player Pota. But the most amazing news is on the singers’ side: 9 singers (6 women and 3 men) share the duty in this magic journey. Different talents, different voices, different style, just two things in common: skill and passion.

However, because Skylark simply wanted to have more, one of them is not only a singer but a Princess, and so “The Princess of the Desert” is revealing herself directly from Land of The Free to the core of Skylark music where her adventure has just started.

The Storm and the Horizon

109-large_defaultTwilights of Sand

Divine Gates part III: The Last Gate

The Princess’ Day

104-large_defaultDivine Gates part II: Gate Of Heaven

Divine Gates part I: Gate Of Hell

106-large_defaultDragon’s Secrets

The Horizon & The Storm




Ashley: Voice
Eddy Antonini: Piano, Keyboards, backing vocals
Roberto Potenti: Bass & Guitar



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