Devious Mine

Devious Mine born in 2007 in Pesaro, Italy. The most impostant influences of the band come from Nord Europe band such as: Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Nightwish.

The music of Devious Mine is catchy and fast, it combines traditional power metal with heavy metal.

The first EP, “Revelation”, was self released in October 2012.

Thanks to this work, the band was invited in 2014 to perform at the prestigious Teatro Rossini in Pesaro, becoming the first Power Metal band in the temple of classical music.

The debut album “Exilium” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Manuele Pesaresi at Dyne Engine Studios.

“Exsilium”includes 9 tracks that perfectly show the soul and personality of the members of the band.

It’s a fresh, fast and immediate album, full of melody. Each track is bounded by a well-defined harmony; guitar, keyboard and voice play a central role and all is supported by a strong double-pedal drums.

The album maintains fidelity to the standards of power metal, without losing its originality.



Alberto Ambrogiani : voice
Luca Biccari : lead guitar
Luca Lucertini : bass
Matteo Di Palma : keyboard
Lorenzo Aliventi: drum



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